And how we can tell who to trust by looking at what they do, not what they say

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I deleted my Facebook account in mid-2020.

That time was what seemed like the peak of social media hysteria: a perfect storm of data abuses, political interference, and the threat of an AI apocalypse.

I listened to podcasts, read articles, and followed hundreds of Twitter accounts of people who would attest to Facebook’s negative influence on society. Every other day, it seemed, there was a new smear against Zuckerberg or some aspect of his monstrous company.

I did what was the only logical think to me: took action. Rather than only expressing my discontent with the platform, I removed myself from it. How can one go around saying that this platform is destroying our democracy, blurring the lines between truth and lies, and taking too much control over people’s lives — and the keep on using it. …


Nick Sukie

Uncovering human nature through traveling the world. Interested in spirituality, languages, and finance (to and extent). Now getting into marketing.

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